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Marcin has designed the course based on many years of experience training personal clients of varying abilities and fitness levels.

If you sign up to Urban Self Defence you will, in effect, have Marcin as your dedicated personal coach leading you through the skills, knowledge and fitness required to progress through the programme.

We understand that clients may have different aims in mind, either focusing more on fitness or on the self-defence skills or a combination of both. That is why our format allows you to design your own training schedule according to your goals and time available. You can join a few short videos together or just do one workout at a time depending on your fitness level and skillset. Each video is between five and twenty-five minutes long.

The self -defence programme is divided into five practitioner levels. You can then progress onto Graduate and Expert levels.. Our guidelines are to spend between four to six months of training on each level before moving to the next stage. With the self-defence tuition, repetitive training is vital as it will improve your muscle memory allowing you to instinctively deal with threatening situations under stress.

The fitness programme is designed to complement the self-defence instruction and is divided into 3 levels, beginner, Intermediate and advanced. The workouts will be challenging, educational and fun, focussing on strength, agility, co-ordination, balance and power.
As your fitness level goes up you can switch to the next level workouts or mix and match workouts from different levels.

It is Marcin’s job to educate you and make you fit. All you need to do is to show up and train regularly. The aim should be to train a minimum of two thirty minute sessions per week. But remember, more focus and discipline means more progress and knowledge.


After only a few weeks of training you will see improvements in your fitness, co-ordination, strength, awareness, reflexes, confidence and general wellbeing.

Read client reviews in the reviews section to see the transformation in students who have trained with Marcin, some for many years, which is a testament to his proficiency as one of the most sought after self-defence instructors in the UK.