Urban Self Defence offers a unique online self-defence course designed to fit around your busy lifestyle.  Using the latest techniques, expert instructor Marcin Reszka has devised a series of online courses based on the Israeli self-defence system of Krav Maga.

Specialist tutor Marcin Reszka has combined his formative experiences as a mountain infantry soldier alongside additional training in kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu and tactical knife fighting to produce an outstanding fitness and self-defence syllabus.

He has developed the Urban Self Defence programme with the average person in mind.  The online courses will provide you with simple skills to defend yourself if needed, alongside strength and conditioning to improve your functional fitness.  These skills are essential because faced with an attack, the ability to diffuse a situation could protect your safety.

Which online self-defence course is for me?

Every online self-defence course can be enjoyed in isolation or as part of the bigger programme.  They have been devised in this way because Marcin wanted to create a training scheme that fits around everyday life.  They are easily accessible at a time to suit you.  There are 3 programmes; fitness training, self-defence and real-life scenarios.  Each course starts from a basic level and works up to a more difficult, advanced level.  No matter your ability, age or experience there is an online self-defence course for you.

Urban Self Defence offers curated fitness workouts that develop your speed, strength, agility and power. Online self-defence courses provide training and break down real-life scenarios so you can learn how to diffuse situations in various scenarios.  This might be anything from an assault to road rage.

It is an intuitive and effective method of self- protection for people of any age and ability that teaches practical self-defence skills whilst improving functional fitness and increasing self-confidence. Our aim is to condition your mind, body and spirit as one.

How do I sign up?

You can easily access self-defence courses online.  If you sign up to Urban Self Defence you will effectively have Marcin as your dedicated personal coach.  He will lead you through the skills, knowledge and fitness required to progress through the programme.  With a free 7-day trial and a new app launching in January 2021, we have everything in place to support you with your self-defence fitness and training.

For more information, have a look at our FAQs or send us an email.