Technical Training from Urban Self Defence is an easy to follow programme teaching precise and effective self-defence techniques.  Learning the correct technique or self-defence is imperative for your safety.

Expert instructor Marcin Reszka has based the programmes on years of intensive training as an infantry soldier.  He is also highly trained in kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu and tactical knife fighting.  The result is structured, strategic and informative training that enhances your skills when faced with a scenario that requires self-defence.

Marcin has created each of the self-defence lessons with an easy to follow format.  He will guide you on the skills required and teach the key points in each technique to build up the necessary muscle memory so that it becomes intuitive to you.  The programme is divided into Practitioner, Graduate and Expert levels.  You can build-up to the Expert level having gained the basic skills needed in the earlier programmes.

Self-defence is required in many situations so instinctive and speedy responses will assist you in defending an attack.  Firstly, the training can help you learn how to diffuse situations in circumstances from assault to road rage.  Secondly, the Urban Self Defence Technique Training is an effective method of learning self-protection for people of any age and ability.

The Programmes

Urban Self Defence has developed a sequence of unique programmes, focused on self-defence, fitness, technical training and managing real-life scenarios.  The course has been created by one of the most sought-after self-defence specialists in the country, Marcin Reszka.

Urban Self Defence is a digital self-defence and fitness programme, predominantly based on Krav Maga, for men and women of all ages and abilities.  Krav Maga means contact combat and is an Israeli self-defence system, renowned for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency.  The workouts provide simple skills in self-defence, alongside strength and conditioning training all whilst keeping fit.

The combination of complementary programmes brings an instructor-led environment to the comfort of your own home.  The Technical Training element teaches practical self-defence skills whilst improving skills and technique. Its aim is to condition the mind, body and spirit as one.

The expert technical training will help you in a real-life scenario because it could help diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.  Urban Self Defence will help you keep fit and stay safe.

It’s easy to register or get in touch if you would like more information about any of the Urban Self Defence digital programmes.