Urban Self Defence techniques could be needed in many real-life scenarios.  Our Real-Life Scenarios programme has been created to teach essential skills to deal with various situations.  This could be anything from road rage to assault.  Responding instinctively and quickly will assist you in defending an attack.

Marcin Reszka is an expert Krav Maga instructor who has devised Urban Self Defence for the average person to learn.  Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defence system.  It is renowned for its focus on real-world situations and extreme efficiency.  Marcin has created fitness and technical training because the ability to react quickly in a real-life scenario is imperative.  Urban Self Defence offers a unique digital self-defence and fitness training programme so you can train in the comfort of your own home.

The expert technical training will help you in a real-life scenario because it could help diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.  Urban Self Defence programmes not only help you keep fit but teach the skills to stay safe.

The Real-Life Scenarios Programme

Urban Self Defence uses real-life scenarios in order to make the experience as real as possible.  Instructor Marcin Reszka will highlight and discuss the most typical scenarios that can occur in everyday life.  He will analyse and breakdown various situations that could occur.  This could be on a night out or in a confrontation.  He will give you a set of tools to use from awareness through de-escalation to using force as a last resort.

Marcin will build on the skills learnt in the fitness and technical programmes.  These include mobility, strength, power, balance and specialised skills for self-defence.  Each programme can be pursued as an individual course or you can follow each training through different levels.

The aim of all the programmes, whether used in combination or as a standalone workout, is to condition the mind, body and spirit as one.

Following the structured, strategic and informative training, including the real-life scenarios programme, will enhance your skills when faced with a scenario that requires self-defence.

Find out more

The new interactive app for iOS app and Android launches in January 2021 and will provide access to all the programmes.  Videos of some of the workouts can be found on the website to give a taste of what is to come.

More information on the Real-Life Scenarios programme can be found here or get in touch via email info@thisisusd.com.